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Welcome to Bosnian-Podrinje Canton Gorazde

Bosnian-Podrinje Canton Gorazde is located in the southeastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which includes three administrative municipalities, Gorazde, Foca-Ustikolina and Pale-Praca, whose total area is 503 km2.

In this area there is a remarkable number of cultural and historical monuments which by their forms, methods of construction, material types, properties and decorating represent an high concentration of cultural richness.

Cultural heritage is a group of resources inherited from the past which people identify, regardless of ownership, as a reflection of the values , beliefs, knowledge and traditions.

It includes all aspects of the environment that have resulted from the interaction of people and places in time. (Council of Europe 27 October 2005. The Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society).

Association of "Cultural heritage" Bosnian-Podrinje Canton Gorazde is a voluntary, independent, non-political association that seeks to for the protection and promotion of cultural monuments.

Encourages awareness of population about the importance of cultural heritage.

We want to introduce high standards in the future planning of urban and rural development BPK Gorazde.

The monuments in this area are part of European heritage which makes all individuals, citizens, organizations and governments have an obligation to respect cultural heritage and at the same time respecting the common heritage of Europe.

About Us

Association of "Cultural heritage" BPC Gorazde was formed 2011th year and represents an important link in the further development of cultural images Upper-Drina region.

We encourage the awareness of population about the importance of cultural heritage.

We are committed to the introduction of high standards in the future planning of urban and rural development BPK Gorazde.

The Association has attracted a significant historians, biologists, ecologists, geographers, architects, archeologists, explorer, journalist, social scientists, computer scientists and others who will, through a professional approach to culture show the universal values of the area BPK Gorazde.

The idea for establishing the association was born a year ago, when a group of enthusiasts gathered around the professor. Dr. Avdo Sofradzija explored some of the historical sites in the BPK Gorazde.

During these visits was observed a great number of cultural monuments in its construction, appearance, workmanship, originality are very great cultural richness.

However, these monuments are in poor condition.

Their current situation can be explained very easily.

They are left to time about them no one cares.

The monuments are overgrown by forest, low vegetation, broken up by irresponsible individuals, etc.

All this has led us to get together and sets up an association whose primary task will be to preserve and promote cultural heritage of this canton.

Based on this idea I have is the logical name of the association to be recognized with our program goals.

In the past year, we were able to significantly draw the attention of the public, media and citizens.

We have shown that BPK Gorazde has a large number of monuments from different periods of development of mankind.

Greatest success to date we believe disclosure necropolis in Gorsic polje (municipality Gorazde), which until now was not known nor was it registered with the relevant institutions.

This necropolis with its appearance, abundance, diversity, originality is valid for a very rare monument of culture.

Necropolis Gorsic polje by the enthusiasts, who are now members of the association, reported to relevant institutions in BiH that the same as a National Monument and placed on the list proposals for the nomination to UNESCO.

Since the results in this field will be multiple and is directly reflected in the cultural image of the entire region, as well as better protection of monuments, repairing the infrastructure of historical sites, turning them into a zone of particular importance, building new infrastructure networks, the development of science, economics, tourism and all other life forms in this region.

All of these activities resulting changes in the image of BPK Gorazde and will get the attention of world public at our CantonTeam gathered around the professor. Dr. Avdo Sofradzija is; Baljevic Eldin, Adnan Beslija, Redzo Basic, Admir Kurtovic, Salic Amina, Samira Forto, Edin Krasic, Eldina Begovic, Asima Dzambegovic, Hajrudin Prutina, Adi Dzemidzic, Benjamin Imamovic, Munever Perla, Armin Begovic, Salko Paradzik, Alen Dzemidzic, Dzevad Mehic, Nihad Gabela, Radaca Munir, who, through their culture work experience in the past, attracted the attention of other intellectuals who joined and support further plans of association.

Now association "Cultural heritage" BPK Gorazde has a number of historians, biologists, geographers, archeologist amateurs, architects, naturalists, journalist, sociologist who will work through the field of culture and show the universal values of the area.

We want to emphasize that in the entire previous work protecting the natural environment of particular importance for us and that we have direct impact on improving the environmental awareness of citizens of the area.


The earliest data concerning the geographical area of today's of BPC Gorazde.

Cvilin place on the right bank of the Drina River opposite Ustikolina, first mentioned in the tenth century. (F. Sisic, Chronicle Pop Dukljanin, 1928, 316);

Praca the 1244th was cited as the "Parish Bereza Prachi Byscupina". (Smiciklas, Codex diplomaticus IV, 208);

Praca in the Dubrovnik Archives mention the 1336th The. (Ref Libri V, 392-393);

28.mart 1376th year - trade exchange between Dubrovnik and Gorazde. (Div. Canc. 24, 129);

Dubrovnik colony in Ustikolina in the 1399th set up representative. (Libri Ref 1397-99);

Gorazde is 1444th was built as a fortified city (Castel) in the charter of Aragon King Alfonso V sent the Duke Stephen Vuksic Kosaca. (Thalloczy, Studien, 361);

The oldest information on the estate of Kosaca family connects them directly with Gorazde. "... in Gorasdi ad forum de vlachi Cosaca ... " (Deb. not VIII, 169v. 01. Maj 1379);

16th August 1372nd year to Praca 100 horse loads of salt from Dubrovnik. (Div. Canc. 23, 129);

08th August 1402nd year - 200 horse loads of salt from Dubrovnik to Ustinkolina. (Div. Canc. 34.131);

14th May 1422nd year - 200 horse loads of salt from Dubrovnik to Gorazde. (Div. Canc. 42, 46);

20th October 1429th year - a trader from Gorazde had deposited 333 gold coins. (Div. Canc. 46, 54);

06th May 144st year - Dubrovnik government sends a gift to Doroteja spouse of Duke Radoslav. Gift will be given by Prince Djuradj from Ustikolina. (Div. not. 25, 49);

06th June 1443rd The caravan of 473 horse loads of salt from Dubrovnik to Gorazde. (The second largest caravan) (Div. Canc. 57, 261);

"Via Drinae" road leading from Dubrovnik - Trebinje - Tjentiste - Foca - Gorazde - and to further east. (Desanka Kovacevic-Kojic, Trade in medieval Bosnia, Sarajevo 1961,151);

Through Ustikolina existing road which lead over Previle / Bogovica / Praca to central Bosnia. (M.Vego, Settlements of medieval Bosnian state, Sarajevo 1957.121);

Merchants from the Praca performed duties in Dubrovnik In the Middle Ages Praca had developed and large trade square, as evidenced by numerous documents.

Three km from today*s Praca is medieval city-fortress, which was probably built in the late fourteenth or early fifteenth century, fortress has established by Prince Pavle Radinovic (in time period , Bosnian nobleman).

After whom is named a town New Pavlovac in Praca. 11.V.1423.

Same year The Duke Radoslav Pavlovic (son of Pavle Radinovic) in the city of Novi Pavlovac got visited by emissaries from Dubrovnik .

The town is built on a steep hill above the left bank of the Praca river.

The base is irregular polygons.

Up to one meter thick walls surrounding top of the hill.

Traces of these walls still well-recognized.

The southeast wall is about 100 m long, with a height of 6-8 m.

Within these walls, on the top of the hill, still is visible the foundations of different buildings and a square tower with a one side of 8 m long.

The access to city walls is overgrown with forest.


Association of "Cultural heritage" Bosnian Podrinje Canton Gorazde is a non-party, non-governmental and non-profit organization that will be in accordance with financial, material and personnel able to seek implement the following activities in the BPK Gorazde with the aim of protecting and promoting cultural monuments.

* Register the locations where there are cultural monuments.

* Field work activities to record all sites of cultural heritage in the BPC Gorazde.

* To identify the entire cultural heritage in the area of BPC Gorazde.

* Record locations of cultural monuments in the BPC Gorazde.

* Make a selection of cultural heritage by periods, Prehistory, Antiquity, Middle Ages and modern times.

* Create a database that will contain the entire cultural heritage, with a description of the monument, type, name of the site, number, current status, photos, maps.

* Development of catalog-topographic display of cultural monuments.

* Further description of the site.

* Mapping sites of cultural heritage.

* The Association shall promote and propose ways of protecting the cultural heritage of the BPC Gorazde.

* In addition to proposing ways to protect cultural heritage in this area, in terms of its ability, maintain landscaping, rehabilitation, reconstruction and renovation of cultural monuments.

* Establish direct cooperation with the authorities BPK Gorazde and municipalities Gorazde, Foca-Ustikolina and Pale-Praca.

* Initiate necessary for the protection of monuments of culture in terms of stopping their further destruction (theft, breaking,etc ).

* With TV, radio, electronic and print media to inform and warn the public to preserve and prevent further destruction of cultural monuments.

* Compile reports on threats to cultural monuments, which would describe the vulnerability and consequences.

* Organization of conferences in the country and abroad in which to discuss ways of presenting cultural heritage and respect for different interpretations.

* Organization of working groups (teams) for testing and research of cultural monuments by periods (Prehistory, Antiquity, Middle Ages, Modern Era).

* The monuments on the territory of Bosnia-Podrinje Canton Gorazde and objects can be older than 100 years.

* Preparation and publication of literature on cultural heritage monuments, will be done and in foreign languages, depending on the capabilities of the association. The professional literature will be published in brochures, studies, monographs, monograph, books and digitization of the site.

* Organization of scientific meetings, seminars and conferences where they discuss the cultural heritage BPK Gorazde.

* Presentation of the multimedia presentation with which to demonstrate the value of cultural heritage.

* The promotion of monuments of material culture through lectures in public places intended for the gathering and educational institutions in the BPC Gorazde, Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad ...

* In addition to promoting the importance and value of cultural heritage, special attention will be given to the ecology to the arrangement of the very localities meet the necessary standards.

* In accordance with the opportunities to engage expert teams that work on the protection of monuments of material culture.

* In certain localities where there are monuments made professional and educational lectures, organize tours, visits and other similar events.

* Instruct the initiative BPC Gorazde Cantonal Assembly to form the Institute for Protection of Monuments and Museum in this area.

* Establish a unified information system of its members.

* Represents and protects the interests of its members before government bodies, business and other organization.

* Create and encourage development in order to acquire new knowledge, skills, thereby using their own experiences in the protection and promotion of cultural heritage.

* Cooperate with other associations as well as cantonal and regional associations, and with associations from abroad.

* Monitor legislation, the existing situation and current problems in the field of protection and promotion of cultural heritage in Bosnia - Podrinje Gorazde and proposes to the competent state authorities take the necessary measures in this area.

* In order to enhance protection activities and the promotion of cultural heritage, the introduction and implementation of modern experience and achievements in this field.

* In order to establish standards and rules and their application in the field of protection and preservation of cultural heritage.

* Operates on popularization and practical application of new achievements in this field.

* Develops and fosters solidarity and reciprocity among members and other participants in this field.

Method of financing

* Development of projects that will be directed local and foreign non-governmental and governmental organizations and institutions through which the activities will be implemented in order to promote and protect the cultural heritage.

* Associating with organizations in the country and abroad that will financially support the work of the our association.

* Voluntary contributions and gifts from individuals and legal persons from home and abroad

Contact information

Address: Street, Alija Hodzic no. 60,

73 000 Gorazde

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Association of "Cultural heritage" Bosnian-Podrinje Canton Gorazde has management bodies which are:

1.The Assembly, which is the largest organ of the Association

2.The Steering Committee is the executive body of the Assembly

President of the Assembly, Adnan Beslija

Chairman of the Board, Sedin Hadzimusic

Members of the Board;

Elvir Praso

Lejla Medosevic

Alen Selimovic

Eldina Begovic

Contact e-mail: